Who’s involved

The Supporting Teacher Effectiveness Project (STEP) is a partnership between implementation district and CMO partners and technical assistance partners: the American Institutes for Research (AIR), Insight Education Group (IEG), and Kitamba Consulting. STEP is generously supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Current Implementation Partners

Launch Year: 2015
Active STEP Teams:
All 6-12 grade math teachers in their Bay Area Region are currently participating in grade level (6-8) or subject specific (9-12 math) STEP teams.

Challenge Areas/Topics: Each STEP team will focus on a specific aspect of the CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practices including:

Students’ ability to persevere in solving problems that require multiple steps, especially word problems that require algebraic transformations (Common Core MP1)

Students’ ability to independently engage with math “texts” using multiple tools, strategies, and a growth mindset

Students’ ability to implement problem solving and metacognitive processes to show perseverance when solving problems

“The teachers will be able to use their experiences in STEP this year to help drive conversations with their principals and their school communities about better serving their EL populations next year. In this way, the STEP work will have an impact beyond even the work of the team.”
–STEP Coach, Aspire Public Schools

Launch Year: 2016
Active STEP Teams:
2 school-based (elementary/early childhood)

Challenge Areas/Topics: Every BPS school’s professional development centers around an instructional focus. The STEP teams identify specific challenges connected to each school’s specific instructional focus. Some examples include:

Evidence based reasoning

Student discourse

Early literacy skills

“The work that our STEP team has taken on and the collaborative nature is perfectly aligned with the district’s priorities around adult learning and I believe it will have a strong impact on the school’s instructional focus and influence how professional learning communities function in the district.”
–STEP Project Director, Boston Public Schools

Launch Year: 2014
Active STEP Teams:
12 school-based (elementary, middle and high school)

Challege Areas/Topics:  LBUSD schools apply the STEP to a variety of authentic challenges and work toward local, proven and tested solutions to replicate throughout school communities. Topics include:

Students’ knowledge and usage of academic vocabulary in writing and speaking

Students’ ability to engage productively in collaborative conversations with their peers using evidence from text and with appropriate academic language and behaviors

Identify the most successful formative assessment practices that improve student learning

“I love STEP! This opportunity has provided me the TIME I need to reflect on my teaching practices, collaborate with other teachers outside of my curriculum, attempt and try new/different teaching strategies, analyze data from my students, observe other teaching methods, attend professional development classes and meet with teachers on a regular basis just to converse and exchange ideas!”
–STEP team member, Long Beach Unified School District

Technical Assistance Partners

The American Institutes for Research (AIR) is one of the world’s largest behavioral and social science research and evaluation organizations. As the lead data partner, AIR ensures the project is data-driven, captures key learning for improvement, and provides STEP team data technical support.

For more information about this partner visit: http://www.air.org

Insight Education Group (IEG) is an educational consulting company with extensive experience supporting high quality professional learning, facilitation and data-driven inquiry processes. IEG serves as STEP’s lead facilitator and works directly with schools and district officials to build STEP process capacity and provides implementation support.

For more information about this partner visit: http://www.insighteducationgroup.com

Kitamba is an education consulting firm with the mission to dramatically improve student learning and life outcomes for children around the world. Kitamba leads the work on STEP project management, sustainability, and scaling.

For more information about this partner visit: http://www.kitamba.com

Sage Education Advisors is an education consulting company that delivers high quality design, implementation and measurement support to partner organizations. As a lead partner, Sage co-directs the work on STEP project design, management, sustainability and scaling.